Welcome! Here in the Social Systems Laboratory we are working to understand how people use and interact with emerging technologies, such as humanlike robots, brain-computer interfaces, and multitouch devices. Our goal is to develop human-centered principles and methods for designing technologies intended for social contexts. In particular, we seek to improve the usability of such technologies and improve their interaction outcomes such as engagement, learning, and collaboration. If you are interested in participating in a research study and/or in working with us, please get in touch below.
MAY-AUGUST: Congratulations and a temporary farewell to Cynthia and Dustin! Cynthia will be doing an REU in the Center for Computational Robotics at the University of South Carolina and Dustin will be interning with IBM Research - Austin!!
May 21-27: Megan in Norfolk, VA to participate in the ADVANCE Women of Color Summer Writing Retreat, hosted by Norfolk State University.
May 15-18: Megan, Diane, and Javier visiting Indiana University, hosted by Dr. Selma Šabanović and thanks to the IU-MSI STEM Initiative.
MAY: Welcome the lab's newest member — Jesus!
APRIL: Welcome Ale, Cecy, Diane, Javier, Hasbanny, Yilda, and Dustin to the lab!
March 26: Cynthia, Virginia, Noemi, and Megan submitted the lab's first paper to RO-MAN '17!
March 6-9: Megan at HRI '17 to present on investigations of the uncanny valley phenomenon in children.
JANUARY: Welcome the lab's first members — Cynthia, Virginia, and Noemi!
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Interested in working with us? Apply here! Please note: positions are currently limited to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at or recently graduated from UTRGV.

GENERAL INFORMATION: We are located in EENGR 2.240 (see Building 21 on the Edinburg campus map) at 1201 West University Drive, Edinburg TX 78539. To get in touch, please email either Dr. Megan Strait or the lab at utrgv [dot] socialsystems [at] gmail [dot] com.